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Staff Directory

League of Southeastern Credit Union Main Phone: 866.231.0545

Staff Directory with Photos

Staff Name Title Extension
Amy Jowers Director, Communications 1020
Andy Gonzalez Political Affairs Manager - FL 1010
April Ales Member Relations Consultant 1038
Bill Berg Vice President, Compliance Training & Information 1028
Buck Holland Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration 1032
Blake Westbrook Political Affairs Manager - AL 2164
Cindy Greiwe Senior Accountant 1152
Debbie Caruthers Director, Accounting 1116
Diana Troch Operations Assistant 1054
David Hairston Network Administrator 1132
David Lenoir Member Relations Consultant 2158
David Todd Facilities & Operations Manager 1124
Jared Ross Senior Vice President, Association Services 1012
Jason Cochran Sr. Director of Governmental Affairs - AL 2159
Jason Neifield Director, Human Resources 1142
Jennifer Martin Director, Governmental Affairs 1150
Juli Lewis Member Relations Consultant 1108
Jo Beth Wicks Events Coordinator 2172
Jordan Burroughs Grassroots Coordinator 1008
Josh Booth Staff Accountant 1118
Judy Scott Member Relations Consultant 1062
Julianne Talley Director, Events 1148
Kate Brady Executive Assistant to President/CEO 1060
Laura Vann Vice President, Cooperative Initiatives 2181
Leia White HR Consulting Manager 1140
Leonard Parkhurst Director, Southeastern CU Foundation 1154
Mike Bridges Vice President, Communications 1022
Mike Couey Accounting Manager 2136
Natalie Edwards Communications Coordinator 1014
Patrick W. La Pine President/CEO 1002
Scott Morris Director, Regulatory Affairs 2165
Summer McKanstry Events Manager 1172
Teresa Gray Vice President, Education 2110
Tyrell Baker Director, Information Technology 1136
Business Solutions Job Title Phone Extension
Alicia Haskew ePurchasing Coordinator 1044
Amy Bryant Senior Member Service Representative 1196
Angela Harris Card Services Manager 1190
Arden Ward Staff Auditor 2132
Bonique Turner Staff Auditor 2124
Bradley Kerr Audit&Compliance Support Specialist 423.802.8533
Brett Carpenter Staff Auditor 2135
Brooke Collins LEVERAGE Support Specialist 1050
Cody Zinker Due Diligence Coordinator 1188
Gwen Davis Member Service Representative 1186
Chris Dirmann Director, Card Services 1182
Deirdre Rhodes Product Support Manager 1104
Detra White eMarketing Specialist 1156
Janice Jordan Director, Debit Operations & Training 2176
Jacquelyn Singleton Member Service Representative 1184
Jay Brady Vice President, Transactional Services 1106
Jordan Sullivan Manager, Business Analytics 2317
Karen Moran Senior Analyst, CUVM 303.502.2333 x5
Kathryn Reynolds Auditor Manager 2121
Kathy Hollifield Senior Auditor 423.802.1990
Keith Hopkins Vice President, Product Support 1170
Keith McMurtrie Vice President, Audit & Consulting 2133
Kelli Silvernale Director, Vendor Management, CUVM 303.502.2333 x4
Kershun Thomas Staff Auditor 2123
Kim James Member Service Representative 1198
Kim McCallum Contract Management Analyst, CUVM 303.502.2333x305
Laura Heard LEVERAGE Support Specialist 2131
Linda Medina Member Service Representative 1200
Lisa Burroughs Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer (COO) 1004
Marcus King Staff Auditor 662.322.1038
Mark Wilsie Audit Manager 423.243.4444
Marvin Garland Chief Innovation Officer 1102
Michael Baswell Business Development Consultant 2151
Michael Hemminger Staff Auditor 1096
Mike Kiene Director of Transactional Services 2169
Mike Wewerka Marketing Production Specialist 1040
Rhea Oaks Product Manager 1146
Robert Plant Member Service Representative 1194
Robert Williams Contract Management Analyst 1030
Ryan O'Connor Vice President, Marketing 1072
Shawna Southerland Senior Auditor 865.567.8371
Steven Pullara Business Development Consultant 1164
Tameka Allen Director, Shared Branching 2178
Tiesha Akins Member Service Representative 1192
Vickie Taylor Senior Auditor 2145
Win Cooper Senior Transactional Services Specialist 2115