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Scams zero in on home equity lines

Identity thieves are having a field day with scams, particularly lucrative ones aimed at home equity lines of credit (HELOC). Others have stepped up their card scams, and phishing and vishing efforts to take advantage of consumers' good will and inattention to details during a busy holiday season.... More

Potential good news for most CUs In Fed report

The Federal Reserve Board’s proposed debit card interchange rules would slash issuers’ revenue by $11.8 billion, cutting large issuers’ debit card revenue by 73 percent per transaction on average and making debit cards “significantly unprofitable,” according to a new report.... More

At least two financial institutions in Bay County targeted in credit card hacking operation

At least two local banks in Bay County have been targeted for credit card fraud. Investigators believe it's the work of a large scale hacking operation.... More

Trades take issue with parts of Fed's proposed disclosure rules

CUNA and NAFCU criticized proposed Federal Reserve rules that would increase disclosure requirements on credit protection products but had more mixed assessments of other parts of the plan.... More

What does 2011 hold? Economists being more cautious

Current economy has established that anything can happen making it more difficult for businesses to make own forecasts and take action.... More

Deadline for FTC compliance approaching for state charters

Deadline for state-chartered credit unions is Dec. 31 for FTC enforcement of FACTA red flag rules.... More

Credit union watchdog draws fire on spending

Some financial institutions have been criticized as excessively big spenders since the recession hit. Now credit unions are accusing their top regulator of the same sin.... More

NCUA recieves more than $2 million in donated advertising for campaign

NCUA has received more than $2 million in donated advertising for campaign featuring nationally-known Suze Orman.... More

LSCU offices closed Dec. 23 & 24 for Christmas holiday

The LSCU offices will be closed the remainder of this week in observance of Christmas.

... More

Florida picks up two house seats after Census is announced

Florida Congressional delegation expands to 27 as the state picks up 3 million residents. ... More