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The LSCU Governmental Affairs Committee list of endorsed candidates now available

The LSCU has a list of credit union friendly candidates available on its Governmental Affairs page. ... More

Raising MBL cap still a possibility

CUNA met with the White House and the Senate Majority Leader on MBL and came away hopeful. ... More

NCUA to miss deadline for corporate restructuring rule and legacy assets plan

The NCUA Board will miss its self-imposed deadline for a corporate restructuring rule and legacy assets plan at its September board meeting.... More

CUNA report: CU CEO pay declined 3.5 percent in '09

According to a new Credit Union National Association (CUNA) report, CEO total compensation declined 3.5 percent, nationwide, in 2009, and that decline can be traced to a reduction in variable pay.... More

NCUA's complaint against WesCorp amended to include fraud

NCUA amends complaint in lawsuit against WesCorp FCU to include fraud.... More

LSCU's Oil Spill forum gets credit unions thinking

The LSCU's Credit Union Response to the Gulf Oil Spill provoked good conversation on ideas that will hep those affected along the Gulf.... More

LSCU's La Pine meets with Ken Feinberg, Oil Spill claims czar

LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine met with Gulf Coast Claims Facility Administrator Ken Feinberg to discuss ways credit unions can help those hurting along the Gulf.... More

LSCU website has new Gulf oil spill resources page

The LSCU has created a helpful resource page for credit unions to learn about opportunities to help their members along the Gulf coast who are hurting from the oil spill. ... More

CUNA CEO Bill Cheney talks up credit unions on CNBC

CUNA CEO Bill Cheney told a CNBC viewing audience that credit unions have low delinquency and charge-off rates on credit cards.... More

CUNA CEO shares letter sent to Pres. Obama

As part of CUNA's ongoing efforts to push for support of the MBL increase to help credit unions and small businesses, stimulate job growth, and ultimately boost the economy CUNA's CEO Bill Cheney shares a letter he sent this week to President Barrack Obama.... More