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Credit unions in Alabama and Florida save members $489 million

In the 12 months ending this past March, Alabama and Florida credit unions saved members nearly a half billion dollars. ... More

Social media: hype or effective marketing tactic?

Join hundreds of other credit unions and take part in a research study to determine the impact of social media marketing strategies.... More

NCUA announces $2 million in budget cuts

The NCUA reduction will allow operating fees, which are charged to federal credit unions to pay for the agency’s day-to-day functions, to be reduced by about $2 million in 2011.... More

CU Times features Ventelligence in article

The CU Times looked at vendor management and included a number of quotes from LEVERAGE's Lori Vary. ... More

Credit unions urged to call Senators on MBL

Credit unions are asked to call their Senators before Monday to ask them to support MBL amendment. ... More

Temporary Corporate Stabilization Fund receives "clean" audit

The NCUA announced it had received a favorable audit opinion with no deficiencies noted. ... More

LSCU meets with NCUA in Atlanta

The LSCU met with the NCUA Region III staff to help form a closer working relationship. ... More

Mobile Educators CU warns about scam

The Mobile Educators CU is warning that counterfeit cashier's checks are being circulated.... More

OFR warns of fraudulent letter circulated in Florida

Credit unions should be aware of a counterfeit deposit acceleration letter from OFR asking for a financial transaction.... More

$250,000 NCUA share insurance protection now permanent

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act includes provisions making permanent the current $250,000 maximum federal deposit insurance level, which had been temporary until December 31, 2013.... More