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U.S./Cuba policies and credit unions

As restrictions begin easing between the United States and Cuba, what does it mean for credit unions? The League has found some areas for credit unions to watch.... More

Supreme court rejects debit card suit

The U.S. Supreme Court declines taking up a challenge by retailers to the Federal Reserve's controversial rules for debit card "swipe fees."... More

Register for League SAS Conferences

Small asset sized credit unions have two opportunities to join the League and peers at an LSCU SAS Conference in February.... More

RBC proposal released by NCUA

The revised risk-based capital (RBC) proposal was released and discussed during the Jan. 15 NCUA board meeting. One board member questioned whether the NCUA has the authority to make the rule.... More

NCUA hosting webinar on revised proposed RBC rule

The NCUA will host a webinar on the agency’s revised proposed risk-based capital rule on Wednesday, Jan. 21, beginning at 2 p.m. E.T.... More

January NCUA Report now available

The January issue includes columns from NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz and board member J. Mark McWatters, as well as articles from several NCUA offices. Check it out today!... More

Obama proposal: Hacked companies have 30 days to fess up

On Monday, Pres. Obama asked for quicker confessions from companies that lose consumers' data, as well as better privacy for students. The White House also issued a fact sheet on each of the proposals for better data security.... More

U.S. House expected to take up regulatory bill this week - contact your house member today!

The League receives word from that the House is going to vote on HR 185, the Regulatory Accountability Act. Make sure the credit union voice is heard - contact your house member today and let them know you support this legislation.... More

Alabama and Florida credit unions reach PAC goals

For the first time in five years, both Alabama and Florida credit unions have met their state and federal PAC goals. This is a big boost to the advocacy efforts in both states.... More

Credit unions in Alabama and Florida continue membership and loan growth

The third-quarter statistics from credit unions in Alabama and Florida show membership and loan growth in both states. Membership growth for the two states is in the six figures over the past three years.... More