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BTD offers lesson to Russian CU leaders

Global credit union trends, including a look at the success of social media in promoting Bank Transfer Day in the U.S., formed the focal points of presentations given by members of a World Council of Credit Unions delegation who spoke at the sixth Russian Credit Union Forum, held last week in St. Petersburg.... More

Summer travel topics on H&FF Radio

Sunday's Home & Family Finance Radio program addresses summer travel and credit cards.... More

Equifax: Credit write-offs down, home delinquencies at three-year low

Credit write-offs for March are 50% lower than in March 2009, when banks wrote off $39.7 billion (excluding home finance write-offs), according to Equifax's March National Consumer Credit Trends Report. New credit is at its highest point since 2008, and home finance delinquencies are at a three-year low.... More

Banks are using a cookie-cutter approach to MBL

While banks are submitting opinion pieces to media outlets to oppose credit union member business lending legislation, it appears that they don't have anything original to say--submitting cookie cutter co-ed pieces to newspapers across the country. Several bank associations submitted identical opinion-editorials to newspapers in their states.... More

CU credit report rights covered in CU Mag

Credit unions and others that use consumer reports must have a "permissible purpose" to obtain them according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and CUNA Director of Compliance Information Valerie Moss has outlined the circumstances under which the FCRA allows a credit bureau to release a credit report to a credit union in the May issue of CUNA's Credit Union Magazine.... More

Majority of consumers support co-op businesses: NCBA/CFA

A recent National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA)/Consumer Federation of America (CFA) survey found more Americans think credit unions and other cooperative businesses have the best interests of their members and customers in mind more than do for-profit businesses.... More

Christian Science Monitor blog: CUs help with debt

Credit unions can be an essential tool for consumers who are looking to get out from under a pile of debt, said a guest blogger in an article posted on the The Christian Science Monitor website.... More

Kase voted CU Magazine's CU Hero of the Year

Ron Kase, president/CEO of Landmark CU, New Berlin, Wis., has been voted Credit Union Magazine's 2012 CU Hero of the Year.... More

Miriam De Dios succeeds Morrow as Coopera CEO

Miriam De Dios has been named CEO of Coopera, according to Affiliates Management Co., the Des Moines, Iowa-based Hispanic consulting firm's parent company.... More

CUs deserve upgraded lending limit, say new op-eds

Credit unions deserve an upgraded member business lending limit, say opinion-editorials in Connecticut and Pennsylvania media. That message also will be a focal point at a credit union booth at a "Putting America Back to Work" event this month in New York City.... More