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AC&E features Debbie Matz, Bill Posey and education sessions

The 3rd LSCU Annual Convention and Exposition (AC&E) began Wednesday with the LSCU/CUES Councils and the Director's Institute Workshop. On Thursday, the Annual Business Meeting featured LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine going more in depth on the AC&E theme of The Power of One. One Vision, One Voice. He asked credit unions to work together on advocacy for Member Business Lending, ATM Disclosures and Supplemental Capital. La Pine also asked credit unions to take part in the Cooperative Image Campaign and the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation "leave behind" project in honor of the Republican National Convention.

NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz spoke during the annual meeting and said credit unions are improving. She said that Alabama credit unions are beating the national average in nearly every category. Matz implored credit unions to invest in technology for Gen Y. The average age of those seeking a loan are between 25 and 44, while the average age of a credit union member is 47.

WOCCU President/CEO Dr. Brian Branch and CUES President/CEO Fred Johnson also spoke.

The Governmental Affairs luncheon featured Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL). Rep. Posey told the crowd inside Washington information about the budget and how gridlock is not necessarily a bad thing. He said that gridlock can keep bills from being passed that will be harmful to small businesses. He also talked about how laws are passed many times and then the regulations that are stacked on them are burdensome and often times don't reflect the original bill.

The AC&E features more than 20 education sessions. The Silent Auction will conclude Friday night during the Dinner and Entertainment. Ten-year-old piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick will provide the entertainment with a show that will stay with attendees for a long time.

Game Change authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann will provide the keynote address during Friday's General Closing Session. The LSCU awards will be presented after the keynote address on Friday.

NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz speaks during the LSCU AC&E Annual Business Meeting.

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) addresses the crowd during the Governmental Affairs Luncheon.