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Ads running in Alabama and Florida against the Durbin Amendment

The ads created by EPC are designed to inform consumers that the Durbin amendment may cause their fees to rise. The EPC produced the radio and TV ads and paid for the media buys. For individuals that attended the CUNA GAC, these are the same ads that were running in Washington, D.C. The EPC radio ads hit the airwaves in Alabama and Florida Wednesday.

The radio spots in Alabama will run in Birmingham and on the Alabama Radio Network. By running them on the Alabama Radio Network, EPC can get airplay on more than 85 stations through one media buy. In Florida, the radio ads will run in Tallahassee, Miami and also on the Florida News Network. This means the EPC will get play on more than 100 stations reaching more than 1.5 million consumers through the Florida News Network. You can hear the ads by going to the LSCU Audio Center.

The EPC is also looking at running TV ads in both states. The national TV ad is currently on our video player in the LSCU Video Room.

Credit unions are urged to put the ads up on their websites so your members hear the message. If you would like a copy of the radio ad, contact LSCU VP, Marketing and Communications Mike Bridges at 866.231.0545 ext. 1022. He will send you the radio MP3. If your credit union does not have the capability of putting it on your website, get in touch with Mike and he will send you a link to our website where we are hosting the ads. Once the TV ad is available, we will let you know.