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Alabama Legislative Session Begins with “State of the State” Address

The 2010 Alabama Legislative Session began Jan. 12 with Governor Bob Riley’s “State of the State Address.” With the economy leading to budget projections and revenue estimates ranging anywhere from bad to disastrous, the Governor’s positive outlook surprised most observers. In his speech, Governor Riley announced that his General Fund budget proposal would contain no budget cuts and would have the potential for a 4-percent increase, while the Education Fund budget would increase funding for schools by over $400 million. He also said that this was possible without raising taxes and without looking to gambling as a revenue source.
The Governor’s current proposal is contingent on another round of stimulus money from Washington. If Congress passes the “Jobs for Main Street Act,” the state’s proposed budget would be supplemented with $200 million to the General Fund spending in the operating budget for non-education agencies, $345 million for the education budget and $500 million for the state transportation department. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the bill, but it is still awaiting action in the Senate.

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