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Alabama primary run-off update

DeMarco loses in huge upset for AL-06
In Alabama’s Republican primary run-off election held last night, credit union endorsed candidate Paul DeMarco was defeated in an upset. Endorsed by most trade associations in Alabama, over 40 mayors in the district, and all but one state senator and representative in the district, DeMarco received 36 percent of the vote to Gary Palmer’s 64 percent. Going into the last week, all but one poll that the League viewed had the race very close; a toss-up. The one poll, a flash poll by Cygnal, had Palmer beating Demarco 60 percent - 30 percent and many in Alabama believed the poll had to be off in some way. It turns out that the Cygnal flash poll was the only one that was correct. DeMarco was only able to garner the same support he received during the primary election and Gary Palmer took everything else.

While some are attributing the major swing in votes--DeMarco had a 13-point advantage after the primary six weeks ago--to a bad debate and being the only candidate to go negative in the race, Palmer had the momentum in the last few weeks and was able to get his voters to the polls on election day. The debate and criticism DeMarco received from the negative ad certainly did not help, but turn-out was the key. Going forward, the League will reach out to Gary Palmer and looks forward to working with him in the future.

Credit union backed candidates win State House and Senate elections
In four elections for the Alabama State Senate and the Alabama House of Representatives, credit union supported candidates won and, despite some having opposition in November, will be in Montgomery for the next legislative session. 

In Senate District 17, Shay Shelnutt defeated Brett King 52 percent to 48 percent. The League has met with Shelnutt on several occasions and supported his primary run-off election. There is no Democratic opposition in November and the League is excited to see him elected in this open seat. In another open State Senate race, Clyde Chambliss defeated Harris Garner 65 percent to 35 percent for the Republican nomination in Senate District 30. Chambliss will have opposition in November, but this is a heavily Republican seat, and he should have no problem winning that election.

In the Alabama House, two credit union backed candidates also won. Democrat Ralph Howard defeated Thomas Moore 53 percent to 47 percent in the House District 72 race and Arnold Mooney beat Amie Beth Shaver 53 percent to 47 percent in District 43. Howard has been a long time credit union supporter and has no opposition in November. Mooney has no opposition as well and this will be his first time serving in the Alabama Legislature.

The LSCU and Alabama credit unions won 100 percent of the run-off primary elections on the state side that they were involved in; very positive news going forward in Montgomery. For questions about the results, contact LSCU Director of Governmental Affairs Jason Cochran at 866.231.0545 ext. 2159.