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Body language dominates last day at LDC

The LSCU & Affiliates Leadership Development Conference (LDC) wrapped up with two sessions Friday morning. The first was the CUSC of Alabama Annual Meeting and the second was the Closing General Session.

Body language expert Jan Hargrave provided the keynote address. She brought Corporate One FCU CEO Lee Butke on stage to talk about handshakes. She said palms up is a sign of respect where a finger pointing means the person is looking for control. Attendees enjoyed her look at how to spot a liar including someone that wipes their face or ears too much with their left hand. A right hand on the heart is a genuine sign of respect. Hargrave also talked about how she often is asked to analyze president's body language or a celebrity in the news. Attendees left with fun ways to look at their staff and members, not to mention their friends.

Credit Union Service Center President/COO Craig Beach spoke during the CUSC Annual Meeting. He said with CO-OP's 30,000 ATMs and 5,000 shared branch locations, no other financial institution can compete. It also shows credit unions' unique nature. The list of shared branching locations, nearly 5,200 is just behind three large banks for the number of locations. Another great way to show the strength of credit unions. 

For handouts from the session, check out the handouts section of the mobile app or the particular session description on the LDC website. For pictures from the LDC, check out the LSCU Facebook page.