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CUNA exam survey coming this week

CUNA is emailing credit unions a survey that will help them to give feedback on their most recent state or federal exam. Credit unions will remain anonymous as they provide the information. Once the data is collected, CUNA will analyze it from a national perspective and share it as from a summary level. The LSCU will use the data on a state level to share with regulators in Alabama and Florida.
The survey covers such topics as length of on-site exam, how satisfied the credit union was with the exam and results, and which problem areas if any were noted by the examiner. It also includes a series of questions to gauge how the credit union felt about the examiner's performance and the exam process, and asks what are the biggest issues credit unions would like CUNA and their leagues to focus on to reduce regulatory compliance burdens.
In addition to being emailed to credit unions, the examination survey will also be posted in the "top initiatives" section of CUNA's home page, the "hot topics" section of the CUNA Regulatory Advocacy home page, and the "regulations and compliance" section of the CUNA homepage.  The survey is being sent to all CUNA-affiliated credit unions. 

Advocating on behalf of credit unions to improve the examination process is one of the highest priorities of the LSCU and CUNA. The League has been working closely with NCUA Region III Director Herb Yolles to open the lines of communications between the federal regulator and credit unions. Yolles regularly speaks at LSCU events like the State GACs, AC&E and the Leadership Development Conference. The League also has the Alabama Credit Union Administration and the Florida Office of Financial Regulation at events and stays in constant contact with both offices.