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Community Credit Union best practices whitepaper available

CUNA’s Community Credit Union Committee has released its second of four whitepapers. The second, titled Best Practices in Community and Market Development, offers insight on how credit unions can be positioned as leaders in the financial industry and the community in a time where consumers have great mistrust with the large, powerful institutions.


The financial crisis and Great Recession have served to alienate American consumers from large financial institutions, corporations and government bureaucracies that have let them down. Consumers and small businesses want to associate with entities they can trust. Changes in the landscape of corporate America and employment markets, coupled with wide-open competition in financial services now make growth much more of a proactive discipline for credit unions.


Best Practices in Community and Market Development is written to serve as a playbook for credit unions striving to be a source of focus and energy in rebuilding the financial lives of American families through supporting, educating and empowering their local communities.


The CUNA Community Credit Union Committee was formed in 2006 to provide support for the growing group of community credit unions. The committee’s purpose is to support and service community credit unions and credit unions considering a community charter through: representation of community credit unions’ unique legal, legislative, and regulatory needs; and education, resources, and information.


You can learn more about the committee and download the first whitepaper by clicking here -