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Credit Union Press Coverage Increasing

While the press continues to look at major banking and the lack of services for consumers, more outlets are turning to credit union issues.Friday Feb. 12, the Huntsville Times looked at how more small businesses are looking to credit unions for loans. Redstone FCU was featured. A small business owner talked about how Redstone was willing to lend money when the banks wouldn't. The Birmingham News recently profiled the strength of Birmingham area credit unions in relation to the banks in the metro area. The story pointed out how Alabama Telco CU is gaining deposits and members at a record rate. The Huntsville Times is working on a story outlining the need for an increased member business lending cap for credit unions.

The Boston Globe and Washington Post already looked at the topic of member business lending. Both newspapers talked to area credit unions about their lending and what needs to be done to get the cap raised. The New York Times looked into credit union credit cards and showed the difference between their cards and banks. Finally, took a harsh look at banks and wrote a story about how many people can't get loans from banks so they are turning to a credit union. One member even said his experience at the credit union was similar to the banker in "It's a Wonderful Life."

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