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Credit unions reached 400,000 students last year

More than 400,000 students during 2009-2010 were reached by a credit union, according to data collected by the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB). The actual numbers were 413,460 students reached through 13,577 classroom presentations. The numbers increased for a second consecutive year by 6.3 percent and 7.3 percent respectively, despite fewer presenters reporting data to the board.


Youth advocates in the NYIB network turned in their largest recent increase in students reached of 29.4% in 2007-2008, exceeding 300,000 students reached. CUNA News Now talked to the NYIB Chairman who said credit unions' consistent performance despite recent economic pressure has been reassuring and rewarding to NYIB leaders.


"Credit unions have responded to young people seeking guidance and fundamental financial knowledge, and not a moment too soon," said NYIB Chairman Rebecca Isaacs, director of business development at the Credit Union Association of New Mexico. "Now is the time for our institutions to assert their uniqueness with young people. NYIB will continue to do all we can as a cooperative network to help each credit union do just that."


The most presentations were give by Anissa Arthenayake of OSU FCU, Corvallis, Ore. She conducted 614. Marsha Lunden of Desert Schools CU, Phoenix, reached the most students - 14,648.


Other top performers - "Top Classroom Presenter"--the person with the greatest percentage increase in classroom presentations over the previous year--was Natalie McLaughlin of Community Financial CU, Plymouth, Mich. She made 130 presentations, 150% more than in 2008-2009. "Most Students Reached" was achieved by Kim Beaulieu of Jeanne d'Arc CU, Lowell, Mass., whose 4,584 students reached was a 400.98% increase over 2008-09.