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Credit unions urged to call Senators on MBL

The LSCU is asking credit unions to contact their Senator’s to support the Udall amendment, S.A. #4534, which would allow credit unions to help small businesses.


Thursday, the Senate failed to end debate on H.R. 5297, the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010. Republicans continue to insist that certain amendments be included and the leadership of both parties have been unable to come to an agreement over which amendments will be considered. No votes are expected in the Senate until Monday at 5:30, so between now and then the LSCU would like credit unions to continue to work this issue.


The Udall amendment (S.A. #4534) has not been included and the Senate’s inability to come to an agreement gives us more time to let credit union voices be heard.


Please contact your Senator today:


Sen. Richard Shelby: (202)-224-5744
Sen. Jeff Sessions: (202)-224-4124
Sen. Bill Nelson: (202)-224-5274
Sen. George LeMieux: (202)-224-3041


Ask them to:

  • Co-sponsor the Udall Amendment (S.A. # 4534)
  • Urge Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid to permit a vote to include the S.A. #4534 in H.R. 5297

Raising the member business lending cap will add $10 Billion to the pool of available credit as well as help create 100,000 new jobs. It does NOT cost taxpayers a dime.


The Senate should be given an opportunity to vote on a "no cost to the taxpayers" amendment. This is an amendment that anyone should be able to support, regardless of party. This window of opportunity is small and there may not be another opportunity like this. The LSCU urges credit union CEOs, staff and volunteers to reach out to your Senators and ask them to request a vote on the Udall amendment (S.A. # 4534). Even if your credit unions does not do business lending, it is important that all voices are heard on this critical issue.


If you have questions, email or call Sr. VP of Governmental Affairs Will McCarty, at 866.231.0545 x 2137, or VP of Legislative Affairs Mark Landreth at x 1012.