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Crist to announce run for Florida governor Monday

According to News Service Florida, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is expected to formally announce his candidacy for governor Monday in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

The longtime Republican and short-time independent before his conversion into a Democrat last year is parlaying his partisan passage into a play on voters' frustrations with government, as well as an evolving stance on social and envirmental issues.

"Please forgive me for not getting where I am now sooner. But I'm there," Crist said.

After today, Crist will be in a primary against former Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, who has been in the governor's race for more than a year. Rich, a favorite of progressives, is having a difficult time raising money and has less than $100,000 in cash in her campaign account, which Crist may eclipse on his first official day on the trail. Some insiders are predicting that, if elected, Crist will reward Rich with a spot as secretary of the Department of Children and Families if she drops out of the race.