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Day Two of CUNA GAC

The second day of the CUNA GAC was buzzing following the presentation by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He talked for nearly 45 minutes and gave great examples of leadership and diplomacy. He said that the minute you make a decision, you are dividing. However, you make the best decision possible at the time. It won't always sit well with all involved. He said he talks to many leaders across the country and many have trouble sticking by decisions. When asked what he thought about the U.S. government, he said we feel it is restricting us, however he said many countries are really under government control and can't even question it.

A panel of journalists including Tucker Carlson from Fox and the Daily Caller, Ylan Mui from the Washington Post and Lauren French from Politico spoke for 35 minutes on variety of media subjects. When asked how a credit union would be received that asked a media outlet to do a story on the difference between a bank and a credit union, French and Mui said tell them why it mattered that day. Carlson took it a step further and said just explain plainly, "that everyone hates banks, we didn't do anything wrong." It drew a laugh and applause, but he said most businesses are timid and they get crushed. The best tip that all three gave was be ready to help the media outlet that day and help them with the resources they need on the story.

APCO E CU of Birmingham received a member benefit award for giving their members an average of $664 in financial benefits. This is more than six times the Alabama credit union average. The League's Alabama CULAC was recognized for exceeding 100 percent of its PAC goal. It was one of just 27 state leagues to surpass its goal.

You can see the latest LSCU from the GAC video by clicking below. America's First CU VP of Marketing and Communications Kyndle Huey is profiled about her GAC Crasher experience. You can watch it below. Check out more pictures on the League's Facebook page and follow the GAC on the League's Twitter account.