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Don't Tax Tuesday crashes servers

The numbers are in and the Don't Tax Tuesday initiative was a huge success. Credit unions across the country made more than 4,800 Twitter posts to lawmakers. There were also 600 Facebook posts and more than 5,000 total Twitter messages. This was more than twice as many social media contacts as the previous Don't Tax Tuesday initiative in July. Plus, #donttaxmycreditunion was trending in the Midwest, meaning it was one of the top tweeted subjects.

Here's some other numbers from Tuesday:

  • More than 1 million potential Twitter users saw the Don't Tax message
  • More than 3 million total social media impressions (Facebook and Twitter)
  • 69,000 page views for Don't Tax My Credit Union website. Seven times the daily average. Also, crashed the website twice
  • 8,000 traditional contacts through email

Visit for more ideas and push your staff and members to the website to take part in this important tax fight.