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FCUA hires new contract lobbying firm

The FCUA is pleased to announce the addition of Floridian Partners, LLC to the association’s advocacy team. This move comes after longtime contract lobbyists Mercer Fearington and Clark Smith withdrew as lobbyists for the firm they launched and registered for Southern Strategy Group, effectively conflicting them out of representing credit unions as Southern Strategy Group represents a bank. The FCUA governmental affairs team is excited about the new partnership with effective professionals at Floridian Partners and eager to continue moving the credit union legislative agenda forward. Floridian Partners was chosen after an extensive review, including face to face interviews, of several of Florida’s top firms and is based in Tallahassee with offices also located in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Tampa. The firm, and its twelve members, specializes in a wide-range of services including outreach and public advocacy, strategic campaign development, grassroots and grassroots coalition building, earned media, and paid media.