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Florida Legislature may be called back

Florida Governor Charlie Crist plans to call for a special legislative session to discuss oil drilling and renewable energy legislation. State legislators have publically voiced their disapproval of the Governor calling such a session. If Crist pushes ahead as planned, the scope and timing of the special session could be established this week.

In Florida election news, all candidates for statewide office for the Florida legislature who wish to qualify for the ballot by means of petition had to turn their petitions into election supervisors by Monday May 17. June, July and August will be increasingly active months for campaigns with primary opponents. The Florida primary will be August 24.

The April unemployment number will be released this Friday. Florida had a 12.3-percent unemployment rate in March, meaning that 1.13 million people were out of work. The national unemployment rate for the first three months of this year was 9.7 percent and has climbed to 9.9 percent through April. Nationally, more than 15 million people were unemployed at the end of April.