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Know before you vote; Utilize LSCU Resources

Tuesday November 2 is election day across the country, and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) encourages everyone to take the time to vote.

When you consider the past few months, the constant bombardment of TV ads, radio ads, election stories on the news, flyers in your mailbox, and the occasional robo-call to your home, it can be easy to get tired of “politics.” But “politics,” and all of its sometimes unpleasant attributes, is really a part of the decision of governance; who we choose to set the policies and laws that have an impact on all of our daily lives.

For credit unions, credit union employees, credit union volunteers, and those who benefit from the credit union alternative to other kinds of financial institutions, voting has a very real impact. Whether candidates believe in and support the work we do, whether tomorrow’s leaders will work to ensure credit unions are free to serve members and whether the legal and regulatory environment is positive or negative.
During this election season, the LSCU staff, along with the trustees of our three Political Action Committees (Florida, Alabama, and Federal), has worked hard to meet with candidates, survey them about their views on credit unions and issues important to credit unions, and provide as much information about candidates as possible. The LSCU’s PAC Trustees have provided endorsements to those candidates who have shown the strongest support to the ideals and work of credit unions. In addition, many chapters and individual credit unions have hosted candidates for different offices to help show them what credit unions are all about. This has been part of the League’s efforts to elect people who will work in different levels of government to allow credit unions to best carry out their mission.
The League has provided several important resources to credit unions to help them make informed decisions this election. The LSCU's Campaigns and Elections page hosts important information that every credit union employee and member should review before they vote. The page includes a list of candidates endorsed by the LSCU's Political Action Committees. The list of endorsements includes those candidates for House and Senate in Alabama and Florida, and for some statewide offices who were reviewed by our PACs and who showed the strongest support for credit unions. The LSCU's Congressional Report Card reviews how current members of our Congressional delegations have voted on issues in Washington that are important to credit unions. In addition, the League sent questionnaires to candidates for the State House and Senate asking them about their positions on important credit union issues. Reports of their answers are available for Alabama and Florida.
With all elections, there is a lot of information to digest. The League hopes you and your staff will take a few minutes to look at the information on the League’s election page before you head to the polls to vote on Tuesday, and consider credit unions when you vote.
Despite the down-side of politics, and all of the negativity associated with the campaign season, the ability to go to the polls and freely cast your vote is a special right, and we encourage everyone to exercise your part of our democracy and vote tomorrow.

If you have any questions about the elections, contact LSCU SVP, Governmental Affairs Will McCarty at 866.231.0545 ext. 2137 or VP, Legislative Affairs Mark Landreth at 866.231.0545 ext. 1012.