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LEVERAGE to Offer Member Security Center To Credit Unions

Last year marked the fourteenth consecutive year that identity theft was the top consumer complaint. In 2013 alone, 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft, causing them countless hours and incalculable stress straightening out their lives following an incident. Particularly hard hit were the top five states for ID theft: Florida, Georgia, California, Michigan, and Nevada.

Member Security Center offers credit union members a proactive approach to identity theft prevention. The service monitors if the member’s information has been exposed before a data breach occurs. Prevention of a breach is a win-win for credit unions and their members; saving the credit union cost associated with the breach and protecting credit union members from the difficulties following an incident of identity theft.

Member Security Center coverage offers members three tiers of service: Basic, Gold, and Platinum. Basic coverage offers members 24/7 ID Cyber Watch monitoring including, social security number, financial institution accounts, debit/credit cards, drivers’ license, email addresses, medical IDs, passport, and phone numbers for only $1.95 per month. Gold coverage provides members with fraud monitoring through monthly Transunion credit reports and a free annual report of public records, social security numbers, bank accounts, internet security, address changes, and credit card numbers for only $3.95 per month. Platinum coverage provides members with fraud monitoring through monthly reports from all three major credit bureaus of the same information as Gold coverage, as well as score tracking and child protection, for only $12.95 per month.

With the addition of Member Security Center, credit unions of all sizes will be able to partner with LEVERAGE to increase their non-interest income and offer a premier service to their members

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