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LSCU & Affiliates win CUNA, Hermes awards

The LSCU & Affiliates has been awarded a CUNA Blockbuster Award and five Hermes Creative Awards. CUNA hands out 16 Blockbuster awards every year. This year only eight leagues won those 16. The LSCU & Affiliates were awarded the “Blow Your Own Horn” award for the “LSCU at the GAC” videos that are produced every year from Washington, D.C. This is the fifth straight year that the League has won at least one Blockbuster award. Not many leagues can say that.
The LSCU & Affiliates won two Gold awards from Hermes and three Honorable Mention. Hermes sounds like a strange name, but many national companies from around the world put in for these awards. They have 5,500 entries from 15 countries with 15 percent winning Platinum, highest award, 21 percent winning Gold and 11 percent named Honorable Mention. So, Honorable Mention is actually an award and not given to everyone who enters.
These are good awards to judge our stuff against other companies, not just credit unions. Only three credit unions and two state leagues won, including us. An example of the competition - Signal had won the past three years. This year it was beaten by Pepsi and Texas A&M. Our AC&E event marketing was beaten by Coca Cola. Pretty good company.

  • Gold: LSCU Affiliation Brochure - Publications/Brochure
  • Gold: LSCU Annual Convention & Exposition - Integrated Marketing/Event Marketing
  • Honorable Mention: LEVERAGE Print Ads - Advertising/Ad Campaign
  • Honorable Mention: LSCU at the CUNA GAC - Video/Event
  • Honorable Mention: LSCU Signal Magazine - Publications/Magazine