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LSCU Closing General Session a hit with Carlson and Begala

The Thursday General Closing Session at the 1st LSCU AC&E featured political commentators Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala. Each gave their view of the current climate in Washington and their feeling about the current administration. Carlson spoke first and said he was so far to the right "he was considering moving to Idaho and building a bunker." Carlson described former President George Bush's handle on the English language as that of a stunt pilot taking off. He gave animated remarks about how the Obama administration has handled the BP oil spill. Begala, who used to work in the Clinton administration and once lived on James Carville's couch, basically gave a rebuttal. He campaigned for Hilary Clinton, so he says he's also had problems with his party. Begala told the story of how his wife got a $5,000 loan from a credit union in Texas to keep them afloat until his career took off.

Carlson and Begala each gave glowing remarks about credit unions and how they really are one of the only institutions that have not let America down.

Following the keynote address, the LSCU handed out its first awards, handed out the CUNA awards and PAC fundraising awards. Look for a wrap up video next week that will show the AC&E and feature interviews with presenters and credit unions.