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LSCU Image Campaign TV ad completed; will debut at AC&E

The League had its first look at the Statewide Image Campaign TV commercial and it's very impressive. The ad, which was shot last month in Birmingham, will debut at the 2nd LSCU Annual Convention and Exposition (AC&E) June 16-19 in Orlando. The League will have an Information Lab set up near registration where credit unions can see a behind the scenes video of the making of the ad, the new ad, and a billboard to be used in the campaign this fall. The lab will also feature Paul Crawford, president of Scout Branding, the League's ad agency.

The campaign has received a boost the past few weeks with more credit unions contributing. More than 80 credit unions have now contributed money to the campaign, bringing the total money raised to nearly $1 million. Right now the makeup of credit unions is vast. Nearly 70 percent of the billion dollar credit unions in Alabama and Florida have contributed, while 60 percent of the 500 million plus credit unions are taking part. In the 100 to 500 million asset range, just about half of the credit unions are participating.

The smallest percentage of participants is the small asset sized credit unions. Just about 22 percent have contributed. The SAS credit unions have a real opportunity with the Statewide Image Campaign. By contributing, a credit union has access to collateral material. For the SAS credit unions, this means an instant marketing campaign. By utilizing the collateral in the credit union, in communications with members and non members and out in the community, a credit union can tie back to the campaign. For those SAS credit unions with limited marketing help, this campaign can go a long way for them for a small piece of their marketing budget.

For questions about the Image Campaign, contact LSCU VP, Communications and Marketing Mike Bridges at 866.231.0545 ext. 1022 or Director, Information Services Amy Jowers at ext. 1020.