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LSCU Statewide Image Campaign debuts across Alabama and Florida

The LSCU Statewide Image Campaign debuted across 14 media markets in Alabama and Florida. The $1.3 million campaign utilizes a mix of TV, radio, online and billboards. The campaign will educate consumers about how credit unions are different. One hundred credit unions across Alabama and Florida are participating.


The campaign concept, which was developed by Scout Branding Company of Birmingham, AL, revolves around research that shows 60 percent of consumers don’t know what a credit union is. The campaign, geared toward Gen X, is designed to educate consumers about how credit unions are different than other financial institutions while saving their members millions of dollars each year.


The media buys in each of the 14 markets in Alabama and Florida reflect the trends of Gen X with a heavy online buy and television buys during shows watched by Gen X. Consumers that surf many local and national websites will see the banner ads, as well as pre-rolls before online videos. Facebook and its 8.6 million users in Alabama and Florida will also see the image campaign ads.


“Since the economic meltdown in 2008, credit unions have focused on providing for their membership,” said LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine. “Credit unions are unique, in that any profit made is returned to members in the form of lower fees and better rates on loans and savings.“


The website,, has three interactive buttons where consumers can see what they would save if they had their mortgage loan, auto loan, and a credit card with a credit union. Consumers may compare the average rates between a credit union and a bank by viewing the “what’s better?” page. Real-time rate data from Datatrac provides the comparison information which shows the credit union rate is better in almost every category. Consumers, also, have a credit union search function on the website to make it easy to find a credit union near them.

The radio ads, outdoor, and the website have a shared branching component. Credit unions are unique in that many share services. A member of one credit union can utilize the shared branching network to perform many of the same transactions as they would at their home credit union. Members only need to look for the shared branching “swirl” to know their credit union is nearby.


“The campaign will educate consumers on the credit union difference,” LaPine said. “Our website shows how much consumers can save if they had their loans or credit cards with a credit union. For most, it will be eye-opening the amount they would save with a credit union.”

To see the TV ads, visit the LSCU Statewide Image Campaign website.