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LSCU Voter's Guides available

Each election cycle, the LSCU produces a voter's guide for state and federal elections. These guides are a great barometer for credits unions to see how the incumbents and candidates feel about credit union issues. The State Legislative Voters Guide asks all state candidates in Florida five key credit union questions. The guide shows how each candidate answered. It's a good way to see which candidates in your area understand credit unions and how they feel about credit union issues. There is no Legislative Voters Guide for Alabama because the League is not involved in any of the races and no seats are open.

The federal Congressional Scorecard rates the action taken by each representative or senator on credit union issues. Did they co-sponsor a bill or did they vote for the credit union issue, if it came to vote. The League is willing to work with any member of Congress as long as they are willing to work with us. If they don't or aren't willing to take action, our credit unions need to know and hold them accountable.

You can find the voters guides in the LSCU Action Center. There are also plenty of resources available to credit unions on the LSCU Campaign and Elections page. This page has lobby posters and information to distribute to staff. There are also links to the Alabama and Florida Elections center.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Nov. 6 elections, contact LSCU VP, Governmental Affairs Jared Ross at 866.231.0545 ext. 1012.