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LSCU delivers mobile branch to Community CU in Gadsden

LSCU VP, Regulatory Affairs Bill Berg (third from left) picks up Pen Air's mobile branch

The LSCU delivered the Pen Air FCU mobile branch to Community CU in Gadsden Tuesday. After a short tour of the branch and how it worked, the League drove the mobile branch to Rainsville. All that remains at Community's Rainsville location is one drive up tube system; the rest is a flat slab. Community set the mobile branch up Tuesday and expects to staff it Wednesday for service.

LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine (left) and VP, Regulatory Affairs Bill Berg (black shirt) deliver the mobile branch to Community CU CEO David Eubanks (white shirt)

Community CU CEO David Eubanks said, “Just being here means a lot. Now we have to get the word out that the ATM service is up and running and we can service our members.”

Eubanks also said that they will begin the process of rebuilding. He has already been in contact with the firm to begin putting building plans together.

The League also visited the Cullman area. It was hit hard, as well with more damage in certain areas but widespread power outages. Branch Managers at Alabama CU, Listerhill CU and America’s First FCU said their branches are in good shape. America’s First branch has been without power for a week now. They are utilizing 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. hours to capitalize on daylight and still service members. The city held a meeting late Tuesday afternoon to update when the electricity might be turned on again. America's First is right off the main street of town and it was hit hard with major power outages. If the electricity does not return, a mobile branch may need to be brought in. Listerhill's Cullman branch was right in the path of the tornado before it suddenly veered off. Employees could see the tornado as it was barreling down on them.

Branch Managers at Alabama CU and Listerhill said they are working with members to extend loan payments, waive late fees and generally do what they can to ease the burden on their members during this time of need. One Alabama CU branch employee is still without power. Most of the rest of the credit union staff in the area are doing OK.

One lone teller drive through tube is left standing in Rainsville with the mobile branch in the background

Community CU's Rainsville branch before the tornado

DeKalb county school bus thrown a quarter mile and across the street from Community's branch in Rainsville