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LSCU's Hike the Hill coming up Sept. 19-21 in Washington, D.C.

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This year's LSCU Hike the Hill to Washington, D.C. is scheduled for Sept. 19-21.

This year, to help coordinate visits with those credit unions that will be attending the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Congressional Caucus, the League has made the decision to hold its fall hill visits at the same time. This is a departure from previous years when the September Hike the Hill was also in September, but not the same week as NAFCU’s Congressional Caucus. Two separate events so close together created several issues for credit unions:

  • It divides our numbers over two consecutive weeks, lessening our political impact with federal congressional delegations
  • Since NAFCU does not have a state league network, member credit unions schedule their own Hill visits. This will be in addition to the meetings that will be requested by the League creating some confusion for Congressional offices
  • Credit unions need to speak with one unified voice on federal issues of importance as not to send mixed messages to delegations

While this is a departure from how the LSCU has done the Hike-the-Hills and NAFCU Congressional Caucus lobbying visits in the past, the League believes that this option presents a positive way to avoid holding “competing” Hill visits so close together. It will create the right message for Congressional Delegations.

The League Hill visits will be for all credit unions regardless of affiliation, and it looks forward to everyone taking part in these important meetings.

Visiting with lawmakers at home is important, but taking time to go to Washington, D.C. is viewed by them as the ultimate constituent contact.

The League encourages you and your chair, or any of your board members, to join us in promoting credit union grassroots political action. Your visits are crucial in keeping credit unions visible before Congress. Your face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity to talk directly with your member of Congress about your members and how Congress affects how your credit union provides services to them.

To take a look at the tentative agenda, flight and hotel information, as well as the registration form, visit the Governmental Affairs Legislative Advocacy page. Please Note - There is no registration fee for Hike the Hill.

Scholarships are available to credit unions that are interested. For scholarship information, contact Southeastern Credit Union Foundation Executive Director Amber R. Tynan at 866.231.0545, ext. 1154.