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NCUA to launch ad campaign with Suze Orman

The NCUA is using personal finance expert Suze Orman in a new set of TV messages explaining the similarities between the NCUA and FDIC protection for members. There are two ads, a 60-second and a 30-second ad, that explain that the $250,000 insurance for credit union members is permanent. The TV ad also direct members and consumers to the NCUA website to take advantage of an e-Calculator to ensure their money is covered.

Ms. Orman says in the commercial, "They're virtually identical. NCUA protects the money you have in a credit union account up to $250,000, same as FDIC protects money in a bank account."

Orman also points out that both are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, so no matter what happens, your money is safe, provided you stay within the coverage limits. And a new law makes this $250,000 coverage limit permanent.

The "Keep your money NCUA-safe" campaign includes TV public service announcements (PSAs) and mallscapes (information billboards in malls) featuring Orman, as well as radio PSAs and the online e-calculator that consumers can check to make certain their funds are fully insured.

Click below to see the 60 second TV ad.