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New York Times highlights credit union television ads

Millions of readers opened their Sunday New York Times and read about credit unions and how they are promoting themselves. America's First Credit Union in Birmingham was most prominently featured. America's First ads show bankers in a confessional talking "openly" about their practices.

“We charge a lot of fees for nothing,” one “banker” admits. “I feel a little bad about that. How do I sleep at night? Did I mention that my bonus check had two commas in it?”

Vystar Credit Union in Jacksonville was also quoted in the article. Vystar CEO Terry West tells the paper that his credit union is doing more aggressive ads, but not attack ads.

“We’ve not gotten into ‘Bank vs. Credit Union,’ ” said West. “We try to emphasize what we do well, and that tends to work.”

Dade County FCU CEO George Joseph says his ads are more "homegrown" trying to show more relationships in the community. This was a very good article that really shone the light on credit unions, especially in Alabama and Florida.

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