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Press Room Updated with USA Today, CBS News stories

The LSCU Press Room has two new articles highlighting credit union business. The USA Today ran an article featuring member business lending and how the cap should be raised. The reporter talked with a couple from Oregon who couldn't get a loan through a bank. They were able to open their restaurant because a credit union was there to lend to them.

The CBS Evening News and the CBS Sunday Morning Show featured a Michigan credit union and its credit card practices. The story centered around why a credit card from a credit union is basically a better deal. It also touched on the full-service nature of a credit union when it comes to credit cards. Suze Orman was also featured in a short segment about credit cards and she basically said she loves credit unions and everyone should get their cards from a credit union. You can find all of these stories in the LSCU Press Room. Check the press room often for the latest in Alabama, Florida and national credit union news.