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Rep. Jo Bonner to leave Congress in August

On Thursday, Rep. Jo Bonner (R-AL) announced he will resign from Congress to become the vice chancellor of government relations and economic development at the University of Alabama; his alma mater. Rep. Bonner will continue to serve Alabama's first district until Aug. 15.

“While I had every intention of completing this term, sometimes opportunities come along that are so rare — and so special — that it forces you to alter even your best-made plans,” Bonner told

Rep. Bonner has served in Congress since 2003 and was a friend to credit unions. In February, he was named the LSCU Alabama Federal Lawmaker of the Year.

He leaves Congress to work at the University where he graduated with a journalism degree. His sister Judy recently became the president of the Universities Tuscaloosa campus. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley will set a special election for Rep. Bonner's seat. That area of Alabama has been traditionally a conservative district.

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