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Scam targeting Southeast card holders

Network World and Computer World are reporting that wireless technology is making it very easy for thieves to retrieve stolen card numbers from gas pumps. Gas stations in Florida's Alachua and St. Johns counties have reportedly fallen victim to this criminal activity.


In order to hide the credit-card skimmers in gas pumps, the criminals use a key to the pump. In some cases, a single key will serve to get into many gas pumps. This has led authorities to believe the illegal skimming operation may involve industry insiders and gas-station operators are being asked to focus their video surveillance on the pumps.

The Secret Service has indicated the criminal activity may be traced back to a single gang based in Miami. The theives have put together devices with computer components with Bluetooth wireless capability to easily send unsuspecting consumers' credit card information to the thieves. Credit unions in the Southeast should be aware that some credit card information could be breached by these thieves.