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Statewide Image Campaign fundraising wrapping up

The LSCU Statewide Image Campaign, which will debut this fall, is wrapping up fundraising. In order to get media placed in the markets across Alabama and Florida, fundraising has to end in early July. However, if a credit union would like to still be a part of the campaign and the landing website, they can contact LSCU VP, Communications and Marketing Mike Bridges at 866.231.0545 ext. 1022 or Director, Information Services Amy Jowers at ext 1020. The campaign has raised nearly $1.2 million from credit unions.

The Statewide Image Campaign will utilize a TV ad, radio, website, web banners, social media, and PR. All money raised in specific chapters will stay in that chapter's media market. Which pieces each media market will use depends on how much money is raised in that particular market. The hope is to have a rich, six-week campaign, at the least, in each media market. Some media markets that raise more money will have a longer campaign. Plus, for credit unions taking part in the campaign, the landing website will highlight their location when a consumer searches for a credit union by city or zip code. This is a value of participation.

To see the TV ad, visit the LSCU Video Center. For more information on the campaign, visit the LSCU Statewide Image Campaign website.