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Tax reform bubbles up with new message

Comprehensive Tax Reform looked all but dead a few weeks ago. Now, it appears the House is pushing out a new tax message. The new message doesn't have a timetable on a bill or a language release like what happened in the Senate late last year. The House Ways and Means Committee looks like it is educating the public on why America needs tax reform.

A new tax reform video has been released via YouTube, created a new tax reform Facebook page and a new Twitter page. The message on the Facebook page states that tax reform has two primary goals: make the tax code simpler and fairer for families and the other is to strengthen the economy. You can bet the bankers will be jumping on this new message with a renewed effort toward credit unions. All credit unions are urged to continue to push out the Don't Tax My Credit Union message. Like the Facebook page so you can see the newest information that is being pushed out by the House Ways and Means Committee.

You can read more on the Ways and Means website.

Click below for tax reform video: