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Update your credit union information at

Find a Credit Union Logo

The credit union search engine is one of the most used resources for consumers searching for a credit union. It is used on a variety of websites including the LSCU's, and through (Invest in America). It will also be the search engine for the LSCU Statewide Image Campaign this fall.

It's important credit unions monitor the website to ensure their contact information and branch locations are up to date. With Alabama and Florida being states where people look to move for warmer weather or to be closer to the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, credit unions can't afford to lose any prospective members because their information is outdated.

The LSCU Statewide Image Campaign will use the search function for consumers that want to learn more about finding a credit union near them. This search function will highlight the credit unions that take part in the campaign with richer information and all of their branch locations. So, it's important over the next few weeks that credit unions search and update their information.

The website is easy to update and can be done by credit unions. Contact LSCU VP, Marketing and Communications Mike Bridges at 866.231.0545 ext. 1022, if you need a password to update your information or need help.