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New Liquidity Requirements: Business as Usual

Thursday | 9:45am - 11:15am
Wade Oliver, SVP, Director of Asset/Liability Management, Vining Sparks, I.B.G.
Del Lago 3-4, Lower Level

Sharing the spotlight with credit and capital concerns, liquidity management has become focus for the NCUA, as well as a key profitability determinant. The session will focus on the 2013 NCUA guidance, and include practical information on establishing primary, market-based, and federal emergency sources, structuring a contingent funding plan, and establishing early warning systems. 

About the Speaker
Wade is currently a senior strategist in the Strategic Solutions Group, focusing on the areas of asset/liability and liquidity management. Vining Sparks’ Strategic Solutions Group specializes in servicing the needs of community financial institutions by assisting in interest rate risk measurement, policy, compliance, and risk mitigation strategies.