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YPG Breakout: Building Your Personal Brand*

Wednesday | 9am - Noon
April Ales, CCUFC, CUDE, BSASC, member relations consultant, LSCU & Affiliates
Juli Lewis, CCUE, member relations consultant, LSCU & Affiliates
Marbella 4, Lower Level

We all know how important branding is to our credit unions but it is just as important to us as individuals. Effectively cultivating your personal brand can be extremely important to building a successful career. In this interactive workshop, learn how to communicate your story as you interact with professionals from inside and outside the credit union movement and how to create social media content that appropriately reflects your brand.

About the Speakers
April works directly with credit unions in Alabama and Florida, focusing in the areas of member relations, chapter development, financial education, and the small asset size credit union programs. Her extensive credit union related experience spans 10-plus years in various managerial, operational, and administrative roles, including vice president at Florida A&M University FCU prior to joining the League.

Juli Lewis joined the League of Southeastern Credit Unions in 2014, serving as a member relations consultant. She works with credit unions within the Tampa, Sara-Mana, Broward, and Southernmost Chapters and has a specialty in financial education. She is also the current chair of the National Youth Involvement Board.

Prior to joining the League, Juli worked for 21 years at Suncoast Credit Union, based out of Tampa, FL. As the youth marketing manager at Suncoast, Juli was responsible for all youth programs including student-run branches, presentations and reality fairs. She has also earned her HR and marketing certifications.