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Tropical Financial Credit Union offers iSucceed Program for Young Adults

Financial Success and independence for young adults 18-24 begins with the Tropical Financial Credit Union's (TFCU) i$ucceed program. ... More

Listerhill Credit Union launches Young & Free Alabama

Young & Free Alabama is Listerhill Credit Union's ongoing effort to give the 18 to 25 crowd a voice, a head start and useful information. ... More

Pen Air Federal Credit Union connecting with more members!

Pen Air Federal Credit Union is connecting with more members through their blog about recent events, current offers and showcase their members cooperative spirit!... More

Understanding the Social Media Landscape

National Credit Union Foundation Program webinar on "Understanding the Social Media Landscape," by Brent Dixon allowing credit unions to better understand how to listen and interact with members and their community in real-time. To download the presentation, click here.... More

10 Young Adult Innovations: From the 30 Under 30 Group

Since its inception in 2007, the Filene Research Institute’s 30 Under 30 group has worked toward the goals of attracting:

  • Younger members.
  • Younger professionals.
  • A new generation of volunteers.

This report highlights 10 business plans created by the 30 U 30 group, each of which aligns a facet of young adult life with credit unions’ needs. From recruiting programs to innovative savings products, and from volunteer panels to employee consulting, this national group of rising credit union talent shows what kind of innovation is needed to keep credit unions relevant and essential for a new generation of members and leaders. Specificially:... More

"The Importance of Financial Education," by Catalina Chiang (One of LSCU's Florida Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Winners)

This essay was written by one of the LSCUs Florida Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Winners from Kissimmee, FL. This article epitomizes why financial literacy is so important for today's youth!... More

"Free up credit unions, boost the economy," by President/CEO of Florida Commerce Credit Union, Cecilia Homison

Credit unions are asking Congress to lift the statutory limit on small-business lending from the current 12.25 percent of an assets cap to 25 percent. Since their inception, credit unions have made small-business loans to their members. In 1998, the Federal Credit Union Act was amended to expand credit union powers. During that debate, the bankers successfully lobbied to impose the arbitrary 12.25-percent cap on credit union member business lending. It seems ironic, given that many of those same banks are not lending to consumers and small businesses while credit unions are.... More

"Financial Literacy Is No Joke," by Fred Becker, Jr.

Today is both the beginning of Financial Literacy Month and April Fool's Day. Coincidentally, I thought it was the perfect time to help folks get smart about their financial choices and revisit the Move Your Money campaign. When it was launched, it ignited a firestorm among many who sought better service, products and rates from local financial institutions like credit unions.... More

Financial Literacy and Credit Unions: An Opportunity to Serve and to Grow

Recent economic events have given sudden prominence to the importance of financial literacy. Twenty-one states have adopted financial education requirements in recent years, with many more lining up. 1 Your credit union is positioned to provide authoritative financial literacy training to your community.... More

Earn a Return on Financial Literacy

Like any other aspect of a credit union’s operation, financial education initiatives must be effective, efficient and support the goals of the organization. Very real costs in the form of personnel, materials, planning and marketing can cause these vital services to flounder, especially in times of rising delinquency, NCUA assessments and economic uncertainty. ... More