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Study Reveals How Community Educators Reach Students

Teachers Share Insight on Getting Through to Adult Learners...In the first few minutes of class, Carol likes to learn a little about the adults she will be teaching. Tonight, there is a variety: half have a high school diploma, many didn't graduate, and a few have college degrees: several receive food stamps and other public assistance; and two have retirement savings and steady, well-paying jobs. Carol has them for one class only - three house to teach them about money, credit, and personal finances. This picture is a common one for teachers of community-based financial literacy programs, as illustrated in a 2010 NEFE-funded study at Penn State University. Financial Literacy Education for Adult Learners in Community-Based Programs surveyed educators from across the country to identify strategies they use to effectively teach adult students. Every strategy involved innovation and creativity that could be helpful to others in the field.