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Alabama & Florida Jump$tart Coalitions


To enroll the assistance of community leaders in Alabama & Florida to support the National, Alabama and Florida Jump$tart Coalitions for Personal Financial Literacy, Inc. to lend their expertise to help improve the personal financial literacy quality in the states of Alabama and Florida, with special emphasis on its youth, kindergarten through young adults.

Working together we can improve the financial literacy of Alabama and Florida's youth.

If you're involved with or concerned about students learning how to handle money successfully - you've come to the right place.

The Alabama and Florida Jump$tart Coalitions are non-profit organizations with members and community partners consisting of: individuals, for profits, not for profits, government agencies, community based and faith based groups who work together to promote personal financial literacy in Alabama and Florida, with emphasis on kindergarten through young adults.

Alabama & Florida Jump$tart Coalition's GOALS:

1. To identify high-quality personal finance materials for educational use. The Clearinghouse is a database of personal finance resources available from a variety of education providers such as government, business and non-profit organizations. Once you find a material of interest, you can order it directly from the source. Many of the materials are low cost or free of charge. Teachers often use these personal finance teaching materials to support their state's standards in economics, business, math and family and consumer science.

2. To provide statewide contacts to assist Floridians to obtain training and information on Personal Financial Literacy, with special emphasis on its youth, kindergarten through young adults.

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