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CU Initiative Account

LSCU is committed to the growth, development and success of our credit unions. A major part of this commitment is focused on the Small-Asset Sized (SAS) credit unions and the many unique challenges they face. LSCU views Small Asset Size credit unions as an important constituency of our association and the credit union movement as a whole.

The LSCU Board of Directors has approved funding for the SAS CU Initiative Account Program, available to all affiliated credit unions $50 million in assets or less. LSCU has created an account in your credit union’s name in the amount of $500 and your credit union will be able to use the money in your account toward the purchase of any LSCU or League Service Corporation product and/or service including:

  • LSCU Education and Training Events
  • STAR/MERIT/VAP Modules
  • LSCU Strategic Planning Sessions
  • LEVERAGE Products (LSCU Service Corp.)

As LSCU bills your credit union for the events/services used, your credit union can simply write on the invoice that it is to be paid out of your LSCU Small Credit Union Initiative Account. The League’s accounting staff will keep track of the expenditures from your account.

Only by working together can we truly succeed as an industry. LSCU understands the challenges that smaller credit unions face and has pledged additional resources to assist SAS CUs as we move forward. However, this plan can only be successfully executed by the continued support of the League and CUNA through affiliation.

The SAS Initiative Fund was approved based on LSCU’s 2015 budget and will be reevaluated each year as part of our budget process. Unused funds in your account cannot be rolled over or given to other credit unions. This money must be used by December 31, 2015 and cannot be accessed until your credit union's 2015 League dues have been paid.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact LSCU Vice President of Cooperative Initiatives Laura Vann at