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BSA Training Jacksonville FL - AM

Session Description:      This BSA Training class is appropriate for frontline staff, lenders, officials, managers and compliance officers. The two and one half hour class will discuss the new electronic filing requirements for Currency Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports.  We study completed forms based on several common scenarios (focusing on narrative preparation). Just a few of the topics discussed will include the following: Bank Secrecy Act Program Oversight, Creation and Maintenance, Risk Assessment, Review of Currency Transaction Reports, Currency Transaction Report Exemptions, Filing Requirements, Technology and the Bank Secrecy Act plus many more areas.

Speaker Bio:      Bill Berg, MBA, CCUE, CUCE, BSACS, Bill Berg is the Vice President of Compliance Training and Information for the LSCU. He has been with the League since 1988. Bill answers technical/regulatory questions for member credit unions, provides customized training and facilitates planning sessions for credit unions and chapters throughout the Southeast. Bill was one of the principal authors of League InfoSight and provides a column for Signal (the LSCU quarterly magazine).