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Grassroots Advocacy


PAC contributors are those who stand tall for credit unions!


Why take part in Grassroots Advocacy?

Political activity and participation in political campaigns are integral to the credit union movement and overall success of all credit unions throughout Alabama and Florida. The LSCU aggressively involves credit unions in the political process on the state and federal levels through its political action committees (PACs). The LSCU FedPAC (Federal PAC), CUPAC (Florida State PAC), and ACULAC (Alabama State PAC) are non-partisan PACs established and administered by the League. They are used as tools to support political candidates that support credit union issues of importance.

As the cost of campaigns rise on a yearly basis, more support is requested and needed by our allies in both state capitols as well as Washington D.C. Credit union participation in fundraising for all LSCU PACs could not be of higher importance. Credit unions and their employees can take advantage of the unique opportunity to have a voice in their future by making a personal contribution to LSCU FedPAC and corporate contributions to State ACULAC and CUPAC. The League encourages all credit unions to contribute because the future of the credit union movement depends on political victories supported by LSCU PACs.

If you have any questions regarding fundraising and how you get your credit union more involved, contact Grassroots and Political Affairs Managers Blake Westbrook (AL) at 866.231.0545 x2164 or Andy Gonzalez (FL) x1010.

LSCU Plan to Win

The League has a plan to win for credit unions. The plan lays out the steps that the LSCU and affiliated credit unions, along with state leagues and CUNA will be taking in order to garner wins for our industry. The credit union movement needs an organized political and grassroots effort, between the League and credit unions, in which everyone knows the parts they need to play, and how the parts work together to take the credit union movement to the next, higher level of advocacy success.