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Regulatory Advocacy

Regulatory Resources

The LSCU has a number of regulatory and compliance resources available to credit unions. This document gives a quick snapshot of the regulatory and compliance help the League and LEVERAGE offer. The document includes information about:

  • Compliance helpline - 866.231.0541
  • League InfoSight information
  • LEVERAGE's CU/ACE consulting services
  • LEVERAGE's ComplyTrac

Credit Union Bill of Rights

The LSCU, along with CUNA, have put together a guide for credit unions to reference during their examination time. This guide lets credit unions know what their rights are during and after the exam. The NCUA is making a push to have more communications with credit unions during the exam process. Click here to read the guide. Hard cover versions of the guide will be mailed to credit unions in February.

Post Examination Survey

The LSCU has a brief Post Examination Survey available to credit unions to solicit feeback. The League will collate the results and then share with state and federal examiners to help improve the examination process and facilitate better communications.