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Relevant Statistics

Many of the companies that exhibit with us are interested in learning more about where the potential for growth opportunities are with respect to their line of business. Below is a list of statistics that are frequently requested:

  Alabama & Florida
Credit Card $2,764,139,234
Unsecured Loans $1,387,484,595
New Auto $4,017,937,491
Used Auto $6,535,001,985
First Mortgage $12,603,186,474
Second Mortgage $4,065,049,503
Total Loans** $32,880,925,443
Salary & Benefits* $698,156,837
Full Time 15,963
Part Time 1,475
Members 6,358,256
Office Occupancy & Operations* $403,475,514
Educational & Promotional* $48,345,819
Professional & Outside Services* $132,884,691
Total Operating Expenses* $1,552,031,812
Land, Building, & Other Fixed Assets $1,720,410,046
Number of Branches 1,348

NCUA Call Report Data: September 2011

* Annualized
** Individual loans do not add up to total loans, as minor loans such as share secured, etc., are not individually categorized.