Active Shooter Workshop*

Wednesday | 8am – 12pm
Chad Wilbur, owner, Martial Arts Fitness Academy
Mediterranean 6, Lower Level
Separate Fee Required – $129 (Breakfast included)


The Active Shooter Course is designed to give you a PLAN if the worst-case scenario happens to you, your loved ones or your coworkers.  We first talk about building your AWARENESS and talk about the “color code of danger” and help you realize that awareness is most important.  We then will cover statistics and active shooter profiles to help you understand this problem is only going to get worse before it gets better.  We break down the three best ways to avoid and overcome an active shooter.  Teaching your staff how to evacuate correctly.  Get to a place away from danger. The second stage is teaching how to hide correctly if that’s the only option.  The difference between concealment and cover.  The third and final stage is what we do BEST…. teaching how to FIGHT back and disarm the attacker!  That would be your final step it’s “fight or flight” time.  The course then goes into detail on the disarms and teaches a variety of techniques which I will go over in our first evaluation.  We show disarms from a pistol, AR 15, shotgun and knife attacks.

About the Speaker:
Chad Wilbur started his Martial Arts training in 1987 at the age of six years old and he received the title of Master Instructor in 2009.  Chad has also trained in several other styles such as kickboxing and Israeli self-defense. He is a Certified Instructor in Israeli Self Defense and has many certifications: Certified Israeli Tactical Knife / Certified Ground Survival / Completed Israeli Counter Terror Combat Pistol / Completed Israeli Counter Terror Combat Rifle / Active Shooter and Carjacking Response and In 2008 Chad achieved  “Instructor of the year” in the Israeli system where he trained with Israeli special forces and built his resume in reality self defense. He is certified to teach active shooter and carjacking programs as well. He has trained with world class Israeli Special Forces instructors to better his combat shooting skills. Chad is also an NRA certified instructor and travels regularly to conduct concealed weapons classes around Florida.

Chad has been a Martial Arts school owner since 2004 where he opened his first school in South Florida. He then opened his second school in South Florida and built two very successful schools. He Moved to North Florida in 2010 and opened his third school and has since built that business around Reality Self Defense and Reality Training. In 2015 he ventured into his fourth Martial Arts school. He enjoys teaching people how to defend themselves and SURVIVE in a dangerous situation.