Credit union service in action

By Jan Sheffield, Chief of Staff, First Commerce Credit Union Credit unions are well known for their customer service. But each time our credit union hears a story about how a member was touched by the staff, it still makes us proud. Recently, one of our members and former staff members, Ruby Nell Vause Smith […]

Northeast Florida credit unions unite to help nearly 100 teens simulate financial futures at interactive event

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nearly 100 teenagers adopted new identities and learned financial management skills at the recent Mad City Money Simulation™. The free annual event was hosted by 20 local credit unions that partnered through the Northeast Florida Chapter of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU). Judy Walz, president of the Northeast Florida Chapter […]

Buying a Car in 2015? Here’s Why Credit Unions Are Your Best Bet

Community banks fear them. Big banks think they can crush them. But over the years, the credit union has proved resilient. And unknown to most people, credit unions thrive by writing car loans. Credit unions have a storied history. They exploded in number and size during the so-called “Roaring Twenties” (1920s) by providing banking services […]